GODSENT: Proud Partners and Sponsors

If you haven’t guessed already, we, here at MouseSkins, pride ourselves on the work that we do with influencers and professional esports athletes alike, to bring you guys at home the best looking and feeling gaming peripherals on the market. Whether you're just a casual gamer or competitive player, you deserve the very best!

That's why we’ve partnered up with and are proud sponsors of a certain little organization called GODSENT. What's that? They aren't little? Oh wait, so you’re telling us they’re a world-class gaming organization that competes in many of the world's biggest titles in esports? That's right folks; we’ve been working alongside the guys at GODSENT, providing the Brazil team with bespoke and custom wrapped gaming mice and working closely with CEO’s Ludwig Sandgren and Henrik Denebrandt, to perfect our product so that our customers, you lovely people, get the most out of your game and have the best gaming experience imaginable.Our mice are so good that athletes TACO and Latto, have endorsed our product on social media!

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