About Us

Mouseskins is an independent brand created to offer a tailored service to all players seeking to define their hardware and stand out from the crowd. 

We are proud to work with professional gamers, teams and brands around the world that share our passion and strive for a competitive edge, our partners have and will continue to be integral in our research and development, making sure our products always perform to the highest level.  
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Launched to the public in November 2021, established 2019. 

"Being a serious athlete in cycling, I found it perplexing that esports had no tailored service or tier 1 product. In any professional sport we see technology pushed and refined to forge the perfect tools to accompany the unique skills of people. I mean, British Cycling did not use standard bikes in the Olympics; they were crafted to each athlete's requirements to perform at their peak. 

I created Mouseskins to solve this and evolve our understanding of hardware's influence in esports. My dream is to have peripheral customisation on the level of elite cycling, running, football and to make it accessible to everyone."  - Steven McKerrow, Founder of ggrip ltd and Mouseskins

If you would like to know more, or have an outlandish idea; reach out to our team we love a good conversation and happy to help. (contact us) or (LinkedIn)