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A grand opening to 2023 with Alpine x Mouseskins joining forces for the LMVS, (24hr Le Mans Virtual) we have created a special edition with ASUS ROG's Delta S Wireless; 24 headsets for each hour in the race, made for the drivers and never to be reproduced.... with a few being made publicly available via contests, quizzes, get involved.  

Alpine x Mouseskins 2023 LMVS Headset Alpine x Mouseskins LMVS 2023 headset 1


Alpine and Mouseskins socials, we will promote the giveaways here over the race and a few else where. Good luck. 

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Mouseskins & Alpine Esports have joined together to celebrate the 24hr Le Mans Virtual. Mouseskins have created a limited edition run of Alpine Esports custom mice available only to contest winners, be sure to follow Alpine Racing & Mouseskins on your favourite socials to find out how to take part!

THANK YOU to all the participants of the 2022 Alpine x Mouseskins giveaway, we have 5 incredible winners and thousands of participants. We read the comments, and love the feedback, I wish you all the best of luck in the year to come. 

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Twitter: AlpineRacing
Instagram: Alpine_Racing



Alpine Esports Limited Edition Mouse 1multiAlpine Esports Limited Edition mouse 2multiAlpine Esports Limited Edition mouse topAlpine Esports Limited Edition mouse frontAlpine Esports Limited Edition mouse logo