SteelSeries x KFC (Mouseskins)

LIMITED EDITION: Arctic Prime - Champions Edition 
SteelSeries x KFC (Mouseskins) World Cup Celebration Headset. 

We pride ourselves on making the impossible happen and connecting the right brands and people to make it all a possability. Our friends at KFC and PLG approached us to help create a one of a kind campaign and real life product to embody all things CHICKEN, GAMING and celebrate a football event we all love. (unfortunately England didn't bring it home). 

With the combine power of Mouseskins, KFC, SteelSeries and Wayne (IamDeadBird) we created something like no other... 

115 limited edition, hand made SteelSeries Prime headsets. 

SteelSeries x KFC (Mouseskins) world cup headsets
SteelSeries x KFC (Mouseskins) world Cup headset 1
SteelSeries x KFC (Mouseskins) Headset 2combo abstract
SteelSeries x KFC (Mouseskins) Case Plaque
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